“Chinese Whispers and Other Stories” Photo Exhibition Explores Cultural Identity

Image: Siying Zhou,  Our first Lamington made in Australia  (detail), 2015, single channel HD video, duration 75:00

Image: Siying Zhou, Our first Lamington made in Australia (detail), 2015, single channel HD video, duration 75:00

A picture worth a thousand words. The “Chinese Whispers and Other Stories” photo exhibition at Gallery PhotoAccess at Manuka Arts Centre presents a collection of curated photo-based artworks from four Australian Chinese artists: Pia Johnson, Tammy Law, Janelle Low and Siying Zhou, telling stories from their perspective about the complex and shifting nature of cultural difference, identity and migration experiences in the cultural melting pot of Australia.

I couldn’t help but smile at the photo ‘Our First Lamington Made in Australia” by Siying Zhou. Many new migrants in Australia have had the experience of cooking the food of their culture while others embrace a new culture by learning new recipes. While I was trying to recreate my mom’s carrot and beef dumplings, my Chinese friend told me she made a wonderful Aish El Saraya – a Lebanese dessert. This is what Australia offers us as a multicultural country.

Go to a conversation event on 2pm, 21 May to chat with the artists and share your stories.

Time: 27 April – 21 May, 2017

Venue: Manuka Arts Centre (ACT)

To learn more about the exhibition, please go to http://www.photoaccess.org.au/?q=node/569