Culture Train Tour 2017

At Cultural Perspectives, we’re keeping a look out at all the exciting events that are coming up during Queensland Multicultural Month this year. If you haven’t yet heard about it, “The Train” will travel across Queensland countryside with world-renowned artists from culturally diverse backgrounds and their music and storytelling for the regional and remote Queensland audiences during August.

The featured artists include Dheeraj Shrestha, an internationally acclaimed percussionist from Nepal; Ajak Kwai, an Australian famed musician and story teller originally from Sudan; Mario Conde, a talented Bolivian Indian musician; Clara Domingo, a well-established musician from Spain, and Dya Singh, the most significant musician of the Sikh tradition.

We love the ‘travelling’ aspect of this event, which provides a great opportunity for regional Queenslanders to connect with multicultural performances. Culture certainly travels far!

Whether you were born in Australia, have only recently arrived here or are in Australian studying as an international student, the Train tour will have something for you.

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