Stories from Around the World

We really love the eclectic and fascinating group of events that are coming out of the Open Inner West Festival this year.

We’ve got our eye on this one in particular: with flying camels, a floating boat, fine-feathered birds, and a banjo that tells stories from around the world?

Stories from Around the World is a series of free shows for kids that present music, dance, and puppetry in fantasy stories exploring cultural diversity and teaching children about bravery, kindness, determination, family, friendship and joy.

When we say kids, we mean this event would be great for the whole family. We think it will feed the curiosity of young minds (and hopefully some older ones too!).

The first in the series ‘When Camels Could Fly’ is a performance that tells traditional children’s stories from Macedonia, Afghanistan, Vietnam and Russia.

When: Sat. 17 June 2017 10:30 am – 11:30 am AEST

Where: St Peters Library, 39 Unwins Bridge Road, Sydenham, NSW 2044

To register for this great free event head to: