Townville Cultural Festival (9th-13th August)

The Cultural Perspectives team have been doing a lot of work in Far North Queensland recently and what better way to unwind than heading the Townsville Cultural Festival!

This year, during 9th-13th August, the festival will present over 100 performing groups of music, dance, theatre arts from around the world to celebrate the deep cultural fabric of local communities.

Established in 1995 by what was then the Migrant Resources Centre, the festival is a five-day festival that showcases music, dance and creative arts and presents global cuisine and markets, international and local sports, and fun activities for family and kids.

Upholding the banner of ‘Unity in Diversity”, the festival has been held in Townsville for almost two decades and is considered as one of the most inclusive festivals in Australia.

In a recent letter from Erfan Daliri, the Festival Event Director, he reiterated the message behind the festival: ‘Townsville Cultural Festival is not only about raising community spirit and removing imaginary boundaries of cultural separation but more than that, it is about offering a platform for equal opportunity, for the amplification of lesser heard voices and perspectives, and the establishment of equity over equality.’

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