Why choose Cultural Perspectives?

multicultural marketing

Cultural Perspectives provide multicultural marketing, communications and community engagement services helping our clients connect and engage with the fastest growing markets in Australia. Our focus is on connecting people, communities and organisations through the lens of diversity. Multicultural marketing at its core considers the diversity of your target audience including their preferred language, traditions, customs, and beliefs. Read on to find out exactly what makes Cultural Perspectives the best choice for your Multicultural marketing, research, consultancy or in-language translation initiatives:

  • We are one of Australia’s largest multicultural marketing and advertising agency; that has its own research wing

  • We have more than 20 years’ experience, working with culturally and linguistically diverse communities across Australia;

  • Cultural Perspectives is born out of our Managing Director, Pino Migliorino’s vision for a multicultural Australia. He demonstrated experience in working with non-government and government organisations in the ethnic community and multicultural area he was passionate about not only advocating for greater access and equity for ethnic communities but also providing the capacity and tools to achieve this.

  • Our in-house Indigenous and diversity research team CIRCA Research is now the market leader in delivering high-quality research outcomes in linguistically diverse communities and throughout our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations. CIRCA’s capacity to undertake often complex and sensitive research tasks has seen us receive both acclaim and acknowledgement.

  • We also have our very own consultancy services called DiverseWerks, started in 2012. Bringing together expertise in community engagement, social research and training with tailored solutions for organisations, businesses and governments to harness the benefits of inclusive practice with diverse communities.

  • Our portfolio includes positive collaborations with Government organizations like Australian Electoral Commission, Cancer Institute NSW, the City of Newcastle, Department of Health; corporate companies such as HomeWorld, Ferrero Rocher, Bupa as well as non-profits such as Lifeline, Beyond Blue, Australian Red Cross and many more over the years.

  • We have worked on a series of in-language translation projects where we reached Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Hindi, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Vietnamese and 25+ other language speaking audiences in Australia.

  • We have a multicultural team working collaboratively on our projects, because we believe in walking our talk.

  • We are always on the lookout for innovative methods for communicating with communities who speak a language other than English. Our methods are transparent, strategic, and designed to increase the level of competence in organisations wanting to communicate and engage with ethnic communities. 

  • We can help you reach culturally diverse communities. This includes new and established migrant communities’, international and local students, millennial’s, international travelers and more.

If your organisation, business or non-profit is interested in reaching a specific ethnicity, culture, and/or subculture in Australia, do not hesitate to contact us today. We offer marketing consulting, research, social media management and translation services, among other related services.