Our Story

  Pino Migliorino - Managing Director

Pino Migliorino - Managing Director

Organisational narratives are essential in establishing organisational purpose and value. The Cultural Perspectives story depicts a unique body that has contributed to the promotion and valuing of our cultural and linguistic diversity.

It is a continuing narrative in which what started as a small structure has become quite significant both in permanent consultants and the wealth of specialist contractors who make up our competency base.

Coming out of over a decade of working with non-government and government organisations in the ethnic community and multicultural area I was passionate about not only advocating for greater access and equity for ethnic communities but also providing the capacity and tools to achieve this.

This period in the early 90s was a brave new world where the majority of work in the diversity area had come out of government. Structuring a consultancy offer that sought to increase capacity beyond government into the private and community sectors was indeed a challenge. 22 years have now lapsed and the company has become an intrinsic part of the diversity landscape.

There are many key episodes in the story. 

The company first came to prominence offering a new way of communicating with non-English-speaking communities. Our methods were transparent, strategic, and designed to increase the level of competence in organisations wanting to communicate and engage with ethnic communities. We can now boast about involvement in literally hundreds of campaigns, some small, some large, and some highly targeted and sensitive. In each of these we have delivered effective, relevant and sensitive communications approaches.

In November 2000 we took pleasure in launching a stand-alone research offer through the Cultural and Indigenous Research Centre Australia (CIRCA). CIRCA Research is now the market leader in delivering high-quality research outcomes in linguistically diverse communities and throughout our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations. CIRCA’s capacity to undertake often complex and sensitive research tasks has seen us receive both acclaim and acknowledgement.

Beyond communications and research the company has also been commissioned to provide a range of consultancy services. Whether these be the development of policy options for government; organisational development for non-government organisations; or engagement strategies to allow organisations to connect with our diversity we can claim hundreds of discrete consultancies. We have recently grouped these activities and developed a dedicated staff to carry them out under the DiverseWerks banner.

The company continues to evolve and in this evolution we remain motivated to explore and interpret the changing diversity in Australia: its increasingly complex refugee settlement; fast changing communications and the emergence of digital communications; and the marketplace changes resulting from a larger skill and business migration.

We remain diversity experts.

Pino Migliorino - Managing Director