Pfizer Australia

Cultural Perspectives



To encourage Arabic and Vietnamese speaking males in western Sydney to visit a doctor for advice on giving up smoking.

Our strategy was to integrate advertising with a community information campaign around the key message of ‘see your GP for help to quit smoking.’ We also developed six original creative concepts based on smoking cessation research, our market insights and market testing. Advertising in Arabic and Vietnamese press and radio was supported by editorial, direct community engagement and a poster campaign in doctors’ surgeries and pharmacies.

The campaign was independently evaluated with the following results:

  • A 40 per cent increase in the number of Arabic and Vietnamese speaking males who would consider consulting their GP for advice on quitting smoking

  • GPs in the target areas saw a 67 per cent increase in smoking cessation consultations in July compared to a typical month.

  • This success ensured the campaign was repeated in Western Sydney and extended to Melbourne to include outdoor advertising. The campaign was also extended to include an experiential health-check component.