We have a proud history of working with diverse communities in a way that is respectful, meaningful and safe. Over this period, we have had the privilege of being able to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities around issues of importance and relevance to them.

This Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) represents our formal commitment to reconciliation and stands as a tacit reminder that in doing what we do professionally, the ability to both respect and afford opportunities to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples should be a priority objective.

What we do to fulfill our RAP commitments needs to be meaningful, valuable and honest. Our RAP is committing us to real achievements through our reconciliation activities and behaviours.

It is important to involve multicultural communities in the ongoing dialogues and approaches to achieving reconciliation and we acknowledge the RAP process as a significant and meaningful vehicle to achieve this. We cannot achieve a truly multicultural society without first respecting and reconciling the rights and aspirations of our country’s First Peoples.