To outreach to the Sydney Chinese community to engage the community in experiencing Australia’s national game.

Our strategy was to initially focus on the Chinese media as a conduit to exposing the community to the game. Chinese media across print, radio, online and specialist International Student media were invited to attend the Swans v Bulldogs game on 2nd July 2016. Media engagement would then be followed by more specific and targeted engagement activities for the community.

The Chinese media were treated to a fall game day experience that included a tour of the ground watching the game from a press box and participating in the post-match press conference. Media representatives were also addressed by the CEO/chair of the Swans on their strategic vision for the Chinese community.

The campaign was highly successful in that it resulted in:

  • Achieving significant Chinese media coverage of the game and the experience;
  • Establishing of strong relationships between the Swans and representatives of the Chinese media with a view to ongoing contact and engagement;
  • On the strength of the media relationships especially those with particular focus, developing longer term engagement strategies with Chinese students, Chinese tourists and the broader Chinese community in Sydney.