Melbourne Metro Rail

Cultural Perspectives


melbourne metro rail

To develop a comprehensive community engagement and information distribution strategy to support the involvement of CALD communities in the planning for and delivery of the Melbourne Metro Rail Project.

Melbourne Metro Rail is one of the most significant transport infrastructure projects to be undertaken in Victoria. There is a high level of interest in the project across the entire Melbourne population as well is a particular need to consult with and engage those who will be most affected by the construction phases of this infrastructure project on what will happen and when it will happen .

The engagement strategy identifies tiers of interest relevant to CALD community and related tiers of engagement and information activities. This engagement strategy picks up on previous work undertaken by the Authority and extends that to achieve both engagement with and a strong response from CALD communities throughout the project phases culminating in the tunnel being completed by 2026.

The campaign was highly successful with the following results:

  • Developing an engagement blueprint that would direct multilingual and multicultural activities of Melbourne Metropolitan rail in the immediate medium-term and long-term phases of the project;
  • Establishing a number of purpose specific relationships with existing multicultural community structures to provide a conduit to local CALD communities; these became known as the MMR CALD hubs;
  • Publishing and distributing key in-language information pieces relevant to the environmental effects statement, and the longer term construction overview;
  • Creating an internal competency in incorporating diversity considerations in the stakeholder engagement for large-scale infrastructure projects.