NRMA - ‘Test and Learn’ Campaign

Cultural Perspectives


NRMA - Road Side Assistance Market Motor Value Bundle ‘Test and Learn’ Campaign


NRMA is Australia’s largest member organisation producing a range of services including roadside assistance (RSA) as well as other products and services. Whilst NRMA’s RSA footprint in NSW and ACT was strong, RSA was beginning to face challenges in the marketplace. NRMA approached Cultural Perspectives to develop and execute a formal research study into identifying CALD community segments for potential new members and to drive acquisition through a brand awareness campaign.


Our evidence-based research identified the Chinese market as a priority segment to convert to NRMA’s RSA membership, representing the largest single discernible multicultural market.

We delivered a ‘test and learn’ local area market communications strategy which provided NRMA with in-market evidence of the effectiveness and response to targeting a multicultural community.

‘Test and learn’ ran from June to the end of July 2015. We managed all creative content and material with both a visual and language focus on the common linguistic and cultural traits that would resonate with the Chinese community. The pairing of the above the line Chinese language advertising strategies with the existing NRMA Chinese language ‘on the ground’ staff members built further groundswell to boost sales of the advertised bundle.


The ‘Test and Learn’ campaign delivered on encouraging new memberships with a shift of over 80% in the three identified Sydney suburban areas compared with other branches during the same period.

The campaign also successfully raised awareness of NRMA brand in general in the Chinese market.

NRMA took out the top award for Multicultural Marketing Campaigns at the 2015 Australian Multicultural Marketing Awards with Cultural Perspectives’ The ‘Test and Learn’ campaign.

Click here for our video case study of the campaign.