DiverseWerks - Community Engagement


CALD Community Engagement

AFL NSW/ACT were enthusiastic and committed about engaging with CALD communities and diversifying their activities to be more inclusive, creating supportive environments for people from multicultural backgrounds to engage and participate in the game, as well as become loyal supporters of the code. DiverseWerks were asked to provide a range of services and supports to enable them to more effectively engage with CALD communities.


  • We provided strategic advice and training on specific markets, with a focus on the Chinese Community in Sydney.
  • We conducted field research to understand the Indian communities' attitudes and experience of AFL as well as their media consumption habits.
  • Conducted community engagement activities with the GWS Giants.
  • Facilitated the creation of an Indian Advisory Committee and provided ongoing support for its work.

The combination of activities not only built workforce capacity within AFL NSW/ACT to better understand the needs and engage with CALD communities, but engagement in the code increased the ongoing support from CALD communities has been created.