Fair Work Ombudsman

DiverseWerks - Capacity Building

Community Engagement Strategy

The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) was piloting a small team of Community Engagement Officers as a component of its Community Engagement Strategy, and identified a need to provide cultural awareness training.

DiverseWerks was engaged to develop and deliver cultural awareness training to the staff members.

A tailored session was developed aimed at encouraging participants to think about engagement with CALD communities in strategic terms.

To develop the cultural awareness training specific to the Community Engagement Strategy, we considered the following issues:

  • An understanding of the types of issues CALD employers and employees face;
  • Awareness of the services that are available to assist CALD communities and international students;
  • Approaches for how Community Engagement Officers can best engage with the various community groups;
  • Considerations for working with interpreters and other cross-cultural communicators;
  • Strategies for gaining confidence in dealing with fair work issues in specific cultural communities.

DiverseWerks developed a training agenda and content in consultation with the FOW, and designed staff training to fit into and enhance the FWO pilot.