Diversity Strategy Framework

DiverseWerks was invited by United Voice National Office to develop a diversity strategy framework and produce a final report that explores a 'point in time' analysis in relation to outreach to members and potential members from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities within Australia.

The aim of this project was to develop a strategy framework to guide how United Voice can communicate internally on the value of cultural diversity, and outwards to their membership.

The Strategy was developed through the following:

  • A desktop analysis of the current United Voice membership base across Australia, measured against data on the migrant workforce;
  • Existing best practice methods of engagement and communication with CALD communities and workers; and
  • Current communication methods utilised by the Union measured against best practice in communicating with CALD communities and individuals.

The project drew from the unique knowledge of the DiverseWerks team which stems from our combined experience in immigration, connections with CALD communities, and our experience with the Australian trade union movement. United Voice are currently considering the report and their next steps to ensure the union's structures and communications are as diverse as its membership.