Demographic Analysis

The Assisi Centre is a significant Approved Provider of aged care services to Melbourne's Italian population and is currently accredited to operate 150 beds from its Rosanna premises. Co.As.It also delivers short term respite for individuals with an Adult Day Care Respite Service, currently operated from the Centre.

The Assisi Centre is seeking to expand its current service offering on its Rosanna Road site to also include retirement living options, which would be open to all potential buyers aged 55+ years on a 'leasehold', 'lifetime lease' or 'licence to occupy' arrangement.

The organisation's immediate need was to determine whether there is a market for and/or an interest in this type of offer within Melbourne's North-Eastern Italian community overall, and what elements of this offer would be of most interest and appeal.

DiverseWerks devised a detailed methodology for this feasability study which included a detailed demographic analysis of the local area; a detailed market appraisal and competitor study, a deep community engagement at both the individual family and intermediary level to assess the appropriateness of the concept to the Italian Australian community and the level of current and future interest.

The data gathered provided the organisation with accurate and up to date information, that enabled the Assisi Centre to work from an 'informed' position about the wants and needs of the target population. Furthermore, the data also formed part of a Concept and Design Brief which was used to attract and appoint an Architect to undertake a substantial Master Plan exercise.