Immersion training

NRMA wanted to provide immersion training for their staff members that offered a face-to-face understanding of the rich diversity of Sydney's multicultural communities.

DiverseWerks developed a one-day training field day for NRMA staff members in May 2014 providing the opportunity for cross-cultural engagement and discussion.

Three 'Multicultural Mystery Bus Tour' sessions were run consecutively. The bus tour involved highlighting different cultural landmarks around Sydney, educating NRMA staff about other diverse cultures, and providing opportunities for engagement and discussion.

The multicultural mystery tour is an example of a successful immersion style training program that received enormously positive feedback from participants on the day.

Participants noted that they obtained substantial value from the community leaders who spoke on the day. Due to our close contacts in the sector and Sydney's CALD communities, we could involve influential community leaders who gave NRMA staff a detailed insight into their communities. Participants remarked that they appreciated seeing firsthand the diversity of different areas of Sydney that were in such proximity to each other, as well as the privilege of gaining access to religious sites not always open to the broader Sydney community.