NSW Fair Trading & The Australian Consumer and Competition Commission

DiverseWerks - Community Engagement



The Ministerial Council on Consumer Affairs had a long-standing commitment to the development and implementation of the National Indigenous Consumer Strategy Action Plan 2005-2010. In order to develop the strategy action plan, the National Indigenous Consumer Strategy Reference Group (the NICS Reference Group) was constituted. The subsequent Strategy and Action Plan had been implemented in all States and Territories. These were revised in 2009 and extended to cover 2010-2013. Given the multi-jurisdictional nature of the strategy there was a need to bring in an external independent facilitator with a sound track record in both facilitation and in a deep understanding of Indigenous consumer affairs issues.

DiverseWerks was asked to facilitated the next iteration of the National Indigenous Consumer Strategy (NICS) at a critical time in which responsibility for the strategy was shifting from NSW Fair Trading to the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC). DiverseWerks had previously facilitated the development of the 2009 and 2013 NICS.

DiverseWerks worked in close collaboration with NSW Fair Trading and the ACCC to work with the NICS Reference Group to redefine the Strategy and Action Plan and ensure that it retained the capacity and flexibility to meet existing and potential Indigenous consumer needs. Providing targeted facilitation DiverseWerks was able to achieve clear consensus around both NICS priority areas and key strategies and actions within these.

The National Indigenous Consumer Strategy is an important document which identifies a set of national priorities and key actions to meet the needs of Indigenous consumers. The strategy demonstrates a shared responsibility for ensuring that Australia's performance in Indigenous affairs is continually enhanced and has a focus on improving outcomes for Indigenous consumers.