Service Review

Fairfield City Council's Fairstart Early Intervention program have been delivering several early intervention and inclusion programs for children aged 0-6 years with diagnosed delays and disabilities.

With the rollout of the NDIS, Fairstart Early Intervention needed to understand the true financial impact the NDIS would have on the Council and its clients.

DiverseWerks carried out a service review of the Council's Fairstart Early Intervention Program and its communities. The methodology for the review was the development of a project plan, a site visit, research, data analysis, and a detailed risk analysis.

The review was based on the following:

  • Whether the council should continue providing services or could services be provided by the private market?
  • Would the private market meet existing and projected community demand, and would it be affordable and accessible?
  • If the Council continued to provide services, at what level should it be provided?

A final report was compiled and delivered to Fairfield City Council, providing recommendations on the fiscal impact of the NDIS rollout on the Fairstart Early Intervention program on clients and the Council.