Migration Institute of Australia (MIA)

DiverseWerks - Strategic Planning


Strategic Planning

The Migration Institute of Australia engaged DiverseWerks to assist the organisation in setting its future strategic directions.

To complete this task DiverseWerks used the following methodology:

  • Interviewed members of the MIA Board;
  • Interviewed senior staff;
  • Reviewed relevant policy documents and reports; and
  • Prepared an issues paper to guide the strategic planning workshop which was held in June 2015.

The issues paper:

  • Considered what could be included in the vision for the MIA into the future;
  • Identified the main issues confronting the MIA today; and
  • Outlined the main themes for future strategic directions.

Following the strategic planning workshop, the strategic issues paper and the workshop outputs were used as the foundation to formulate a strategic plan for the organisation.