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Multicultural Strategy

Positive Partnerships needed to increase their reach into Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities.  They had identified the need to better support school aged children on the autism spectrum from CALD backgrounds to help overcome barriers to positive experiences for them in school environments.  

DiverseWerks developed a Multicultural Strategy in collaboration with the Positive Partnerships team and relevant CALD community stakeholders. This co-design approach allowed DiverseWerks to develop a meaningful Strategy which ensures that engagement and capacity building activities are appropriate and resonate with all relevant stakeholders. The approach included comprehensive data analysis to determine key demographic needs and tailored approaches for priority CALD communities.

  • Contextual review of autism in CALD communities where cultural constructs, health considerations, infrastructure and language groups were explored.
  • Key informant meetings and briefings to gain expert insights Workshop with Positive Partnerships to collaboratively design and strategically shape the Strategy to best meet their needs.
  • Reporting and analysis to bring all the findings together and produce a final strategy.

The Strategy was accepted by the Australian Government and first year implementation activities are underway. The Strategy is providing a more consistent approach to community engagement to help Positive Partnerships better meet the needs of school-aged children with autism from CALD backgrounds, their parents, carers and teachers. The Strategy is also improving the capacity of generalist organisations to meet the needs of children with autism from CALD backgrounds, particularly through education, access to relevant resources, and opportunities to partner with Positive Partnerships.