ABS Census 2016 Results Preview Outlines a Multicultural Australia

Photo Credit: ABS Website

Photo Credit: ABS Website

The Australian Bureau of Statistics yesterday released a preview of the full statistics results from the 2016 Census, defining the key characteristics of what would be a typical Australian today.

Insights that have come out of the ABS’ preview release demonstrate in particular that there are differences between the states reflecting recent migration patterns and the growing number of people who were born overseas.

While the median Australian from the 2016 Census born overseas was still born in England, there most interesting shift comes from NSW and Victoria where the typical resident who was born in NSW now comes from China rather than England, which was the case in 2011. Further, in Victoria the typical Australian born overseas now comes from India which wasn't even in the top four list even 10 years ago.

 “The fast-changing Australian demographic landscape provides many important indications to the current communications with the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities (CALD).” Said Pino Migliorino, Founder of the Cultural Perspectives Group. “Understanding cultural and linguistic diversity will be essential to understand modern Australia”, he said.

The sneak peak of Census results reinforces the trend of multiculturalism that defines today’s Australia. The next ABS Census data release, due on June 27, will include more detailed information. As a leading sector specialist in multicultural marketing and communications, we’re looking forward to diving into the new data to identify trends for you.

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To read more, please go to http://www.abs.gov.au/AUSSTATS/abs@.nsf//AUSSTATS/abs@.nsf/mediareleasesbyReleaseDate/5E54C95D3D5020C6CA2580FE0013A809?OpenDocument