“Takiwatanga” for Autism - A New Addition to the Maori Language

In June 2017 a new Maori glossary was released called Te Reo Hāpai – The Language of Enrichment. This glossary provides translations for use in the mental health, addiction and disability sectors focusing on the translation of existing words as well as creating many new words where required in te reo Maori.

Child Translators

For children of migrant parents, acting as translators is a norm that has been inculcated in them since a young age. These children are fulfilling big responsibilities from a young age, dealing with doctors to real estate agents on behalf of their parents

Promoting health in multicultural communities

Local Doonside resident Mervat Sidra has been working to bring issues around health to multicultural Western Sydney. Egyptian-born Mervat Sidra was inspired to help spread the word about a healthy lifestyle after joining the Get Healthy Coaching and Information Service

Multilingual signs improve safety

Multilingual signs improve safety

In Victoria, the State Government’s decision to instate multicultural signs has drastically improved the safety on the Great Ocean Road.

What it’s like to flee your country

What it’s like to flee your country

Down in Wollongong, the city council is working with Multicultural Communities Council for Illawarra and Warrawong High School to help students in Year 9 and 10 gain an understanding of what refugees go through in the process of leaving their countries.

Lavazza Italian Film Festival

Lavazza Italian Film Festival

The annual Lavazza Italian Film Festival will be hosted in Sydney from the 12th of September to the 8th of October. Palace Cinemas across Australia will be screening the best of contemporary Italian films as part of the Festival.

Mapping Sydney's Multiculturalism

The 2016 census provided by the Bureau of Statistic has revealed the multicultural makeup of Sydney’s suburbs. The data has shown that there is no Sydney suburb where no-one is born overseas

Connecting Australians: Results of the National Arts Participation Survey

Cultural Perspectives and DiverseWerks are pleased to share with you Connection Australians: The Results of the National Arts Participation Survey. The survey is the third in a series delivered by the Australia Council, following previous editions in 2009 and 2013 and includes commentary by our Managing Director, Pino Migliorino AM.