Come and Join the March for Science this Saturday!


Come and join the March to Science to advocate scientific literacy, open communication, informed policy and stable investment this Saturday, 14th April! This is a global event bringing together people from all walks of life who believe we need more evidence and reason in our political process. At the march location on the day, you will also have a great opportunity to listen to wonderful talks by a number of prominent researchers, policy makers, and intellectuals including Adam Spencer and Professor Merlin Crossley.

Of a proud note, our colleague Liz Norsa from CIRCA Research has been acting as General Secretary of the March for Science Australia, actively working with a dedicated group to make this year’s march successful. Leveraging the momentum from last year’s success, this year’s march will continue to push for its aims, highlighting a few specific issues. These include, urging the government to rethink its plan to cut $2.2 billion from Australian Universities; and the reinstatement of a federal minister of science.

In Australia last year, marches were held in 10 cities with total participation estimated at 10,000 marchers. The Australian marches advocated for four distinct aims: universal science literacy, open science communication, stable federal funding in science, and the implementation of evidence-based policy by lawmakers.

Sparked by a thread on Reddit in early 2017, the March for Science movement began in the USA and soon radiated out to over 600 cities around the world, in an unprecedented show of support for science and evidence-based reasoning. March for Science Australia is a non-partisan group of volunteers who believe that science and technology are the answers to addressing some of the planet’s biggest problems.

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