Cultural diversity boost body confidence

Do you know that interacting with a diverse set of people can make you happier and healthier? By looking at the image above it is not difficult to understand that personal confidence and cultural diversity actually go hand-in-hand.

Today our intern Sylvan shares his thoughts on research released by Journal ‘Body Image’:

I would really like to share one of the most interesting cultural research, named “How cultural diversity can help to boost body confidence”. The research states that by having an affinity towards different cultures and “global connectedness”, you will have a better relationship with people and more positive appreciation of your body.

After seven years living in Australia, I understand that Australian society is constructed by the sum of its individuals from different cultural backgrounds. It is a society that encourages you to interact with various community groups and provides you with a lot of opportunities to do so. In such an environment, you can learn new languages, experience foreign foods and embrace an open mind.

As an international student, I have built my personal confidence by embracing Australian cultures. Being brave to talk and being brave to listen and to share with respect. I personally love trying new things, such as experiencing foreign food culture and learning new languages or skills. All these experiences have developed my personal confidence through which I gained ‘global connectedness’ and an ability to appreciate different cultures.

So pick up a foreign language, or learn a new skill, try a different food, and interact with other communities. I hope you find your ‘global connectedness’ which contributes a healthier mind and body.

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This blog is contributed by Sylvan, a UTS student interning at Cultural Perspectives.