Cultural Perspectives launches its International Students Hub

Curated by Cultural Perspectives, the International Students Hub is a platform to connect our large and significant number of International Students in Australia with those organisations wanting to engage with them.

Initially a vehicle for information dissemination to international students, it is hoped that the International Students Hub will develop into an interactive digital platform that will improve the student and life experiences of this important group of temporary residents in Australia.

The Hub’s development will be supported by an International Student Reference Group who will ensure that the Hub and its activities remain relevant, current and meaningful.

Cultural Perspectives Managing Director Pino Migliorino launched the Hub concept at the Council of International Students Australia (CISA) National Conference in Darwin, “there has long been a need for an information meeting place for international students that transcends jurisdictional and birthplace group barriers”

“There is so much recent research that indicates that International Students are made vulnerable because of their lack of information, especially around rights and protections, the International Students Hub will go some way in addressing this deficit” stated Mr Migliorino.

In developing the concept of the Hub, Cultural Perspectives have responded to the need for more effective information and engagement vehicles for international students.

In the area of rights it is essential that issues such as rights at work, consumer protection and anti-discrimination are communicated to international students as soon as possible after arrival. The Hub can and will provide this link.

Equally a positive life experience is the twin of successful studies for international students while in Australia. As such we are keen to promote the Hub as a conduit for opportunities, experiences and supports that can be taken up by students. Having fun is a rite of passage for students across the world.

Finally we are designing the Hub to provide a platform for international students to discuss issues, be involved in expressing their views and most importantly registering their experiences.

The Hub will start operating from Thursday 7th July on the International Student Hub Facebook page.