Melbourne Eid Festival 2017

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The Melbourne Eid Festival 2017 will be held at Springers Leisure Centre & Tatterson Park, Keysboroughs on 2-10pm this Sunday 2 July. The Festival is open to and welcomes all members of the community no matter your cultural background.

Eid Festival, traditionally known as Eid al-Fitr meaning “breaking the fast”, marks the end of Ramadan – the most significant festival in the Muslim cultural calendar.

One of the most popular Eid greetings is Eid Mubarak (blessed Eid), though this varies depending on the country and language.

Around the world, communities celebrate Eid with prayers, by visiting friends and relatives and enjoying traditional foods.

This year, the Melbourne Eid Festival will host various food stalls, cultural performances, family fun activities and entertainment, with a diverse cheerful crowd.

Immerse yourself in this mega multicultural event where you can learn and experience Eid celebrations in Australian communities. To learn more about the festival, please go to