New Research Recognises Significant Contribution of Migrant Business Owners to Australia

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Research recently released by CGU has shown that migrants in Australia make significant contribution to the country’s economy, providing unique goods and services and creating new jobs.

Cultural Perspectives worked with the team at CGU providing a demographic analysis and language advice as well as translation services for the professional translation of the report highlights.

The Migrant Small Business Report indicated that over 620,000 migrant owned business in Australia employ more than 1.41 million Australians. Migrant small business owners are identified as highly motivated, educated, ambitious, and innovative with 42% of migrant business owners working over 40 hours a week.

A survey of over 900 businesses has revealed the following stats:

•       Eight in 10 (83%) migrant business owners started their first business venture after moving to Australia.

•       Nearly one quarter of migrant business owners started their business to try out an innovative or new idea (23% compared to 16% of non-migrants).

•       One in two migrant business owners are aiming to generate higher revenue in the next five years (47% compared to 38% of non-migrants).

•       A quarter of migrant business owners are training young people in the community (25% compared to 19% of non-migrants).

•       One in three migrant business owners are planning on growing their business with new hires (33% compared to 25% of non-migrants).

With this background information in mind, Cultural Perspectives conducted an analysis of 2016 Australian Bureau of Statistics Census of Population and Housing data to determine the communities with the largest representation of small business owners.

We supplemented this quantitative data with desktop research into reports, factsheets and any other available information to create a robust picture of the demographic landscape.

This research and analysis lead to the recommendation of three priority communities/languages with the greatest representation of small business owners Australia-wide:

·        Chinese Simplified

·        Arabic

·        Vietnamese

The highlights factsheet was then translated into the three languages through our rigorous and quality translations process.

This project culminated in the development of three pieces of material that speak to the people and communities at the heart of the report: the individuals and families who have made Australia home.

The Migrant Small Business Report and translated highlight factsheets are available for download here: