Removing Hate from the Debate

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Minister for Multiculturalism Ray Williams launched the Remove Hate from the Debate campaign in September with a website that hosts positive tools and techniques to help young people identify hate speech and know how to best respond.

In one of our blog posts from August, we talked about the eSafety Commissioner’s report that revealed  that 25% of Australia’s young people come from migrant and refugee backgrounds and 50 to 60 per cent of young Australians aged 12 to 17 have witnessed racist or hateful comments about cultural or religious groups online.

With the launch of the campaign, many community leaders have joined the force to raise awareness of the online hate as ambassadors including Sydney siege survivor, Jarrod Morton-Hoffman; Hip Hop Singer L-FRESH the Lion; Stephanie Kurlow who is one of the first Australian ballerinas to wear a hijab, among others.

Join us to help counter hate in the on-line space, you can sign your pledge at

Please also visit this website to learn about tools and techniques to counter hate speech!

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