The Women’s Manifesto

We’ve been talking a lot around the office about the first Leichhardt Luminaries event last month where we were honoured to have Dr. Anne Summer speak to us about the role of gender in Australian society. Particularly, her recent work of “Women’s Manifesto”, drafted for the International Women’s Day 2017, is designed to as an organisational tool to achieve the full equality women have long sought in our society.

As Australia is becoming more and more multicultural, there have been an increasing number of women from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds who have limited access to resources due to poor English language proficiency. It’s beneficial for this kind of resource to be made available in-language and be promoted to the CALD women.

The points made by Dr Summers around how to achieve equality for women in Australia are a must read for those of us who have been born here, migrated many years ago or have recently established new lives with their families in Australia.

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