UPtown Festival – Our Stories


Pyrmont-Ultimo celebrates the distinct culturally diverse characteristics of the area with the Uptown Festival on 28th October at Quarry Green, Ultimo, to bring the community together and cultivate the sense of community harmony.

The Festival picked up where it left off in 2012 with a grand comeback in celebration of the theme “Our Stories” – a photographic exhibition featuring faces from the local community. Meanwhile, festival artists will all tell their unique stories through music, dance, food, and art. Come and discover what stories the festival offers this Saturday!

The Festival’s comeback was made possible by Heartdancers, a charity organisation based in Sydney that advances cultural diversity in the arts (music, dance, storytelling and visual arts) to influence change, social cohesion, increase health, wellbeing, education and learning outcomes.

To see the full program, please go to http://heartdancers.org.au/uptown-festival-2017-program/