“Your Capacity to Incorporate Inclusive Messaging is Boundless” Said Multicultural NSW CEO Hakan Harman


Multicultural NSW CEO Hakan Harman has spoken about the importance for Australia’s media and marketing industry to address multicultural audiences, at the AdNews Live! Reframing Australia event in November.

While presenting numbers and stats that reflect a reality of cultural diversity, Mr. Harman raised awareness about the necessary to incorporate inclusive messaging among marketeers and media agencies. He pointed out that the capacity to contribute to a cohesive multicultural society within a marketing agency is boundless. 

Australian Bureau of Statistics reports the proportion of Australians born overseas continues to reach new heights, with over 28 per cent of Australia's total population born overseas. To bring this closer to home, one in three in NSW people speak another language at home.

Culturally and linguistically diverse communities cannot be ignored and provide whole markets of opportunity for brands, products and services to promote their messages.

Cultural Perspectives are in the business of creating campaigns and engagement that are strategic, authentic and relevant. Diversity is not a tick-box afterthought but deep social and cultural awareness that needs to be considered in strategies from the beginning.

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