Top Greetings to Prepare You for the 2017 Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year will start on 28th January this year. What the Chinese do as a tradition is to go to visit their friends and relatives on the very first day of the new year to send their greetings, which is called “Bai Nian” or “Bai Da Nian”, meaning “to pay new year calls”. This is considered as the most important new year routine.

Besides “Happy New Year” as the top greetings that suit all occasions, Cultural Perspectives has prepared some more top greetings that will help you through this very important Chinese tradition.

-        Good luck in the Year of the Rooster! (In Mandarin: Ji Nian Da Ji)

-        May all your wishes come true! (In Mandarin: Wan Shi Ru Yi)

-        New Year, New Beginning! (In Mandarin: Xin Nian Xin Qi Xiang)

-        Enjoy good health! (In Mandarin: Shen Ti Jian Kang): Particularly to the elderly

-        Wish you make good fortune! (In Mandarin: Gong Xi Fa Cai): Particularly to the business men

-        Wish you academic Success (In Mandarin: Xue Ye You Cheng/Xue Ye Jin Bu) Particularly to young kids and students