Chinese New Year

Sydney Swans Continues to Engage the Chinese Community


Cultural Perspectives proudly continues to support Sydney Swans in its Chinese engagement strategy. In alignment with the strategy, Sydney Swans celebrated Chinese New Year at the Lunar New Year Festival in Hurstville last weekend, where almost 50% of the community are from a Chinese background. There were approximately 150,000 visitors in attendance throughout the day.

The Sydney Swans stall attracted and entertained a large crowd with a specially designed spin wheel in Chinese, children’s activities, giveaways and games tickets. The popularity of the Citi Spin 2 Win prize wheel was evident with people queuing for up to an hour before the start of the event to have a spin!

Many curious visitors got a chance to learn more about the game of AFL and the Sydney Swans with the Sydney Swans being joined by Hao Huangyu, an international student from China, who helped the team communicate with the local community and teach them more about the game of AFL.

In its 15th year, the Hurstville Lunar New Year Festival is considered the largest Chinese celebration outside the Sydney CBD. Lunar New Year is the most prominent celebration in the Chinese culture as well as many other communities including in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines. We are proud to be part of the many valuable cultural opportunities the Sydney Swans create to connect with the Chinese community in Sydney. To learn about our work for Sydney Swans, please go to

Chinese New Year – Not an Easy Time for Australian International Airports

Chinese New Year is no doubt a golden opportunity for a lot of retail businesses to cash in, but for Australia’s Department of Agriculture it is identified as a heightened risk target.

Winner of the National Dumpling Eating Championships 2017 Announced

Dumplings are such a beloved food in Australia that we even have a national annual dumpling eating championship. The competition this year was held in Pitt Street Mall, Sydney, on 2nd February during the Chinese New Year.

Fortune Cookies History Explained

If you ask a Chinese living in China about fortune cookies, s/he may have no idea about what they are. While outside of China, fortune cookies are considered as a common Chinese dessert to end a meal in a Chinse restaurant, and with a bit fun for the secret message in it. 

Top Greetings to Prepare You for the 2017 Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year will start on 28th January this year. What the Chinese do as a tradition is to go to visit their friends and relatives on the very first day of the new year to send their greetings, which is called “Bai Nian” or “Bai Da Nian”, meaning “to pay new year calls”. This is considered as the most important new year routine.

Sydney to Deliver “the Biggest Chinese New Year Celebration outside of China”

City of Sydney has promised the biggest Chinese New Year celebration outside of China this year. From 27th January to 12th February, the celebration which includes dragon boat racing, lantern festivals, art exhibitions, and various activities and events, will expect to attract more than a million visitors.