Cultural Funding by Government 2015-2016 Reports Cultural Expenditure

A report recently released by the Department of Communications and the Arts that estimates the total expenditure of government across federal, state, and local levels was $5,841.2 million for  2015-2016.

Interestingly, local government spends 27% of the total spending on cultural activities.

If you’ve been following our blog and our work, you will have noted that we are actively on the lookout for multicultural or culture-specific events in both major cities and towns across Australia. The money received by local governments for arts and culture are the reason local councils and community organisations are able to put on these celebrations of community, diversity and the Australian people.

Festivals, workshops, events, and tours that tell stories about every day Australians and how they navigate living in a new country and maintaining their culture are so important to the fabric of our society. We hope to see the funding continue to support the cultural activities in Australia.

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