Congratulations to the Sydney Swans on the launch of the Chinese Engagement Hub

Cultural Perspectives is proud to have worked with our client Sydney Swans to launch its Chinese Engagement Hub on the Sydney Swans website, which is one component of their Chinese Community Engagement Strategy that we have been working on since June last year.

This microsite hosts an educational video introducing the AFL game and the Sydney Swans Club, some fun facts about the sport and the Sydney Swans personalities, as well as some active community voices sharing their experience with the club and the AFL game.

What’s more, the Sydney Swans Guide to AFL has been updated in Chinese Simplified for the Chinese community to learn about this iconic Australian sport.

Have a look at the Chinese microsite and get involved in AFL. No matter your background, you may find yourself getting involved with this great AFL team – the Sydney Swans!

To read more about our previous work in assisting the Sydney Swans to connect with the Chinese community, please go to