Cultural Perspectives Wish You Happy Diwali!


It is Diwali today. For all those in the community who are celebrating Diwali, we wish you a happy and inspiring festival!

This important Hindu, the festival of lights, is widely celebrated in the Hindu community in Australia and overseas and represents the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and hope over despair. Diwali has become one of the most celebrated cultural occasions in the Australian calendar. The popularity of this festival also has demonstrated how multicultural and inclusive Australia is.

For the fourth year in a row, the Sydney opera House has been lit up in a golden colour to mark the festival:

Cultural Perspectives are honoured to bring these key cultural opportunities to your attention, hoping to cultivate authentic appreciation of observances and cross-cultural understanding.

The 2016 Census estimates that there are 440,303 people who are Hindu, which represents approximately 1.9% of Australia’s total population.

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