A Quilt Tells Multicultural Stories

Ethnic community groups in Casey Victoria got together to share their stories about their personal journeys to Australia as migrants for artist Dena Al Jamal to transform these stories and ideas into a quilt artwork. This exciting art project will feature a multicoloured haired woman on the quilt that represent mothers from different cultural backgrounds, and it will be delivered in March next year.

Multicultural Debating team wins prestigious tournament

Multicultural Debating team wins prestigious tournament

A multicultural team from Greenwood College, composed of students some of whom have been learning English for only three years have won the prestigious WA Schools Debating Competition in the novice division.

Child Translators

For children of migrant parents, acting as translators is a norm that has been inculcated in them since a young age. These children are fulfilling big responsibilities from a young age, dealing with doctors to real estate agents on behalf of their parents

Lavazza Italian Film Festival

Lavazza Italian Film Festival

The annual Lavazza Italian Film Festival will be hosted in Sydney from the 12th of September to the 8th of October. Palace Cinemas across Australia will be screening the best of contemporary Italian films as part of the Festival.

NSW Premier’s Fund for Social Cohesion Opens Today

Multicultural NSW today announced the opening of the Premier’s Fund for Social Cohesion application. The grants program supports community-led events and activities that bring together people from diverse cultural backgrounds to celebrate diversity. It aims to build on the strengths of our multicultural society, develop stronger social cohesion and community resilience, particularly among young people (aged 12-25), and to inspire them to stand up against the divisive forces of fear, hate and violence.

Queensland Multicultural Month 2017

Queensland will welcome its Multicultural Month in August. The the state’s largest multicultural celebration recognises and showcases its unique diversity and the benefits covering four major areas: arts and sports, digital technology advancement, business success, and cultural competence. Spread out throughout four weeks with a different focus for each week, August in Queensland is filled with a festive multicultural atmosphere.