How We Read the 2017 Australian Digital Inclusion Index?

The 2017 Australian Digital Inclusion Index was released today. There is a particular focus on Digital inclusion of Indigenous Australians, Disability, Areas of Geelong, Newcastle and Townsville and Mobile-only Australians.

The report sheds some light on the Australians from the culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds. Australians who speak a Language Other Than English (LOTE) at home have a relatively high level of digital inclusion, with an ADII score of 59.3 (2.8 points above the national average). The LOTE community is a highly diverse group and care should be taken in interpreting findings.

The Australian Digital Inclusion Index measures the extent of digital inclusion in Australia. Access and affordability can present barriers to digital inclusion, however an individual’s digital engagement is also largely affected by Digital Ability (attitudes, skills and activities), whether a person can see potential benefits of engagement, and motivation and attitude, including concerns about safety and security.

While digital literacy amongst CALD communities is improving, marketing and communications activities must take into account the profile and information consumption practices of each target communities.

At Cultural Perspectives we know that not all CALD communities use digital devices in the same way. Let us provide you with marketing and communications strategies that speak directly to your diverse audiences, no matter what their first language.

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