The First AFL Pride Game

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This Saturday will see the first AFL pride game between Sydney Swans and St. Kilda at Sydney Cricket Ground, celebrating diversity in the community. This is a signature event with which Sydney Swans launches its Diversity Action Plan (DAP).

DAP is a joint initiative from the Board, staff, players and community leaders. It addresses four key pillars, including:

·  Disability Empowerment

·  LGBTIQ Pride

·  Multicultural Inclusion

·  Advancement of Women

We’re excited to see this big step the Swans has made in the diversity front. Prior to the launch of the Diversity Action Plan, the Sydney Swans has stepped ahead to practice multicultural inclusion by engaging Cultural Perspectives to connect with the Chinese community in Australia through a media tour and the development of cultural resources for the AFL NSW/ACT. To learn more about our past work for the Sydney Swans, please go to

To learn more about Sydney Swans Diversity Action Plan, please go to