Pathways 2 University “Not all educational pathways are equal”

Pino Migliorino: Founder of Cultural Perspectives and International Students Access

Pino Migliorino: Founder of Cultural Perspectives and International Students Access

ATAR results

Only a child growing up in a migrant household knows the feeling of the extraordinary parental expectations that those who have come to Australia for a better life, have of their children.

With each generation of new migrants each new parent group wants and expects, that the Australian education system, will deliver results for their children.  The prize in all this may be getting to university.

Today, this year’s crop of HSC students in New South Wales, will receive their results and the following their ATAR scores. The ATAR number will determine the future of many of our young students and either be received with pride and joy by parents of those who have done well.  Or the  disappointment of those parents whose children have either done poorly or not achieved what they could have.

What if?

There are always recriminations and feelings of what if? and if only they’d worked harder? but the reality is that the ATAR is increasingly becoming a measure of privilege rather than talent.

Of course, there are huge success stories such as the one recently of a Syrian refugee scoring a high 90s ATAR but this is the exception rather than the rule.

Pathways 2 University

The Pathways 2 University program provides not only hope to these families but also a legitimate response to the fact that not all educational pathways are equal.

Students who have not done as well as they would have wanted can still access a university education through the alternative pathway.

This program is available to students who want things other than their ATAR to be considered for entry to university. They may have other education background issues or financial considerations but equally they may have a passion for a vocation which would underpin their successful ongoing studies.

A university education is one of the key migration ambitions and from the perspective of a child migrant who did get an education I constantly repeat to my children, “you can lose money but you can never lose an education”.

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Pino Migliorino