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What does the National Report on Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment at Australian Universities (2017) mean for International Students?

The Australian Human Rights Commission released the National Report on Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment at Australian Universities (2017) yesterday that provides greater insight into the nature, prevalence and reporting of sexual assault and sexual harassment at Australian universities.

Surviving as an International Student

magine you are an international student...

Do you know what surprises international students most about Australia? Do you know what the best thing is about being an international student? It can be challenging to imagine when you first arrive in Australia, and you realise you have come one step toward to a new culture, new lifestyle and new education system.

Diversity in Conversations

Hi, my name is Sylvan, I am currently completing my degree in PR as an undergraduate student at UTS and as part of my assessment I am also completing my internship at Cultural Perspective Group. One of my tasks at Cultural Perspectives is to review the daily online article. Today, I came across an article that I would really like to share with you, titled ‘Scared to talk about diversity? by Dominic Price.

DiverseWerks Presents Important Paper on Women International Students in MOSIAC Magazine

Cultural Perspectives Group is proud to draw your attention to the special Conference edition of the Federation of Ethnic Communities Council of Australia’s Australian Mosaic magazine where DiverseWerks’ presentation on the Employment Vulnerability of Women International Students.

Come and Join in the Sydney Youth Week Celebration (31 March – 9 April)

Sydney’s Youth Week starts tomorrow! Come and join the celebration of young people’s creativity, vitality, talent and positive energy. The annual Youth Festival will showcase dynamic programs of arts, culture and sporting events. It is also a great opportunity for young people to express their ideas and views.