New Research Reveals the Media Consumption Habits of Australians Born Overseas


Recent research by Deakin University shows that Australians born overseas prefer the online world for news and information and have a more active social media presence, compared to those born in Australia. This means that they rely less on traditional media such as TV and print media.

This research results come with no surprise. It certainly explains the trend within the Chinese community in Australia being highly active on their own social media platforms and networks such as WeChat and Weibo. According to figures provided by Bastion S&GO, a Melbourne market company, Australia now has a total of about three million WeChat users.

As Australia becomes more multicultural (demonstrated in Australia’s 2016 Census), it is important for the communications and marketing industry to understand how people from diverse cultural backgrounds, including migrants and international students, acquire information and consume news in Australia. Their media consumption behaviours need to inform and shape the right strategy to effectively reach out and communicate with these groups of people by choosing the right channels.

If you or your brand are facing the challenge of communicating with the fast-changing demographics in Australia, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – we are sector experts in talking to people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

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