City of Sydney

City of Sydney Reveals the NYE Theme that Celebrates Cultural Diversity

City of Sydney released the new branding for its signature New Year’s Eve event that highlights the city’s rich cultural diversity. Themed “Wonder”, the New Year’s Eve event will present the artwork by a Sydney based multidisciplinary designer Nadia Hernández on the main streets of the city during November to January and as part of the annual firework on the Harbour bridge

Refugee Week 2017

18-24 June is Refugee Week in Australia. Refugee Week aims to promote a culture of welcoming to refugees across the country. To help people better understand the challenges of each different community and how it is important that there is a successful integration of refugees, that assists them in belonging and living safely. It is a unique opportunity for us to understand this special group of people and to appreciate the value they add to cultural diversity in Australia.

Sydney to Deliver “the Biggest Chinese New Year Celebration outside of China”

City of Sydney has promised the biggest Chinese New Year celebration outside of China this year. From 27th January to 12th February, the celebration which includes dragon boat racing, lantern festivals, art exhibitions, and various activities and events, will expect to attract more than a million visitors.