The Multicultural Landscape Continues to Evolve in a Supporting Environment


The Scanlon Foundation has released the 2017 Mapping Social Cohesion survey results that confirms a high level of support for multiculturalism in Australia, with 83-86% of the respondents agreeing that multiculturalism has been good for Australia.

While referencing the 2016 ABS data on cultural diversity, the report summarises that despite significant demographic change over the decade, including population rise and increased diversity, Australian attitudes have remained, in large measure, stably positive.

The report also reveals a prevailing negative feeling towards Muslims and an increased rate of discrimination as well as an increased concern on terrorism and national security.

The 2017 Mapping Social Cohesion Report is based on an annual survey undertaken by the Scanlon Foundation by Monash University researchers. It tracks Australian attitudes on issues including immigration, multiculturalism, discrimination and political trust. This is the report’s tenth year. It is the largest study of its kind with a collective sample of 42,000 Australians since it was first run in 2007.

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