Child Translators

For children of migrant parents, acting as translators is a norm that has been inculcated in them since a young age. These children are fulfilling big responsibilities from a young age, dealing with doctors to real estate agents on behalf of their parents

Language Week WA (7-14 August)

Western Australia celebrates the Language Week 2017 to recognise the benefits of language and linguistics diversity of the community. More than 270 languages and dialects are spoken in Western Australia today, and the Language Week provides opportunities for people to explore language learning and the culture that comes with it.

NAIDOC Week - Our Languages Matter

Held on the first week of July, NAIDOC week celebrates traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture and achievement. Originated in 1940, the celebration has evolved into a full week of cultural events which aims to raise awareness of the status and the importance of Indigenous Australians (Australian First Peoples) across various communities.