The changing face of Australia’s Tourism Market

The changing face of Australia’s Tourism Market

Austrade’s 2017 Tourism Forecast has revealed the changing nature of Australia’s Tourism Market. The data has shown that alongside a general expansion of the industry, broad trends in the decline of traditional markets such as the UK and New Zealand in favour of Asian markets such as China and India will continue into the near future. These statistics raise questions over the cultural competency and readiness of Australian businesses to adapt to these changing conditions and demonstrates the fundamental importance of multicultural communication and engagement.

Mapping Sydney's Multiculturalism

The 2016 census provided by the Bureau of Statistic has revealed the multicultural makeup of Sydney’s suburbs. The data has shown that there is no Sydney suburb where no-one is born overseas

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang Visits Australia

From what I have been reading today, I can safely say that no news item has received more coverage in the Chinese community than the Chinese Premier’s current visit to Australia. Premier Li will land in Australia’s capital city this evening with a large group of Chinese business delegates with the aim to boost trade between China and Australia.

Championing in Innovation for a Better Environment

To fight China’s pollution, the renowned Architect Stefano Boeri announced this week that he will bring a similar project as Milan’s Bosco Verticale – a vertical forest to the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing, which is the first of its kind in Asia.

2017 Chinese New Year 101

Following on the heels of the widely-celebrated Christmas and calendar New Year, the next major celebration in Australia is Chinese New Year. This year it will fall on 28th January. To welcome the Chinese New Year, Cultural Perspectives have prepared some facts that you might not know about the 2017 Chinese New Year

Welcoming the China-Australia Year of Tourism 2017

It is not just about Australia attracting Chinese tourists in 2017. The China’s national tourist office has officially started working with Australia to promote China as a top destination for Australians by increasing the capacity of airlines and offering more travel deals and packages.

China’s Air Pollution Creates Opportunities for Consumer Brands and Many More

With China’s air pollution persists, facial masks, air purifiers, healthy food, vitamins and supplements alike have become increasingly popular to Chinese consumers who are seeking health-related products. These demands create opportunities for health industry, sport and fitness industry, as well as tourism where Chinese choose nature-boosted destinations. 

China Leads Australian Tourism Market Growth

The International Visitor Survey results newly released by the Tourism Research Australia reveals that China contributes the most to the increase of Australian Tourism Industry in spending, accounting for 35% of the total growth. Chinese visitors to Australia has recorded 1.1 million, up 22% than previous year.

AFL Indigenous teen players tour China

AFL Indigenous teen players tour China

The Great Wall of China is now welcoming a group of special guests from Australia – Australian Football League young Indigenous players. During this meaningful trip, these young indigenous players are exploring the Chinese culture and building connections.