Cultural Perspectives Launches 2017 AFL Chinese Community Incentive Initiative

Cultural Perspectives proudly announces the launch of the 2017 AFL Chinese Community Incentive Initiative in celebration of the Chinese Year of the Rooster. With the theme “Be Part of History”, this initiative will help corporate entities create meaningful connections with the Chinese community both in Australia and China through rewarding their exemplary employees a valuable opportunity to see the first ever AFL game on 14th May 2017 in Shanghai, China.  

This initiative offers an exclusive VIP game day experience that includes a private tour of Shanghai Jiangwan stadium, game day hospitality, a Gala event, and networking events as part of the off-shore experience; while the on-shore opportunities include in-language Chinese media relations in Australia, an SBS media campaign as well as the potential to be represented at targeted community events.

“The Chinese community is one of the fastest growing culturally diverse groups in Australia. As a leading specialist in multicultural marketing and communications, Cultural Perspectives is proud to help our clients achieve their goals in connecting with the Chinese community”, commented Pino Migliorino, Managing Director of Cultural Perspectives. “It is not only an incentive to your team that rewards and motivates them for great work performance, but also a valuable opportunity to create your connections with the Chinese community.”

The 2011 Australian Census reported that over 424,000 people identified as being born in Chinese Asia (China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan). Since then, there have been approximately 53,000 people from Chinese Asia settling in Australia. As one of the largest sources of new migrants to Australia, the Chinese-Australian community brings with them engaging cultural values from their home culture that present a unique market opportunity for businesses in Australia.

The historic Toyota AFL Premiership Season match in Shanghai, China in Round 8 will see the Port Adelaide Football Club play the Gold Coast SUNS on Sunday, 14th May, 2017, at Jiangwan Stadium.

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