Fair Work Ombudsman Launches More In-language Resources Online to Help Migrant Workers Understand Their Rights


Fair Work Ombudsman today launches in-language videos on its website, further helping visa holders understand their workplace rights and supplying them with basic knowledge to protect their rights.

Each video is in 16 languages, featuring topics such as minimum pay in Australia, equal workplace rights, and workplace protections. This is the recent effort from Fair Work Ombudsman to break down the barriers to raise awareness of important things about working in Australia among migrant workers including international students and overseas workers. The Fair Work Ombudsman encourages you to know your rights and dare to speak up if you’re treated unfairly at your work place.

To watch these videos, please go to www.fairwork.gov.au/languages

If you’re a migrant worker and not sure about your workplace rights, you can get relevant information in your language (up to 30 languages available) from www.fairwork.gov.au/languages; or simply call 13 14 59 for a free interpreter service to talk to Fair Work staff.