Chinese consumers

What Chinese Premier Li’s Visit Means to Australian Businesses?

2017 marks the 45th anniversary of China’s diplomatic ties with Australia, and the Free Trade Agreement which has been in place since 2015. Chinese Premier Li’s visit accompanied by a large group of Chinese business tycoons will surely lock in major deals between China and Australia

Chinese Taste for Tasmanian Wine Grows

The young Chinese are seen to have sophisticated lifestyle taste, which includes the adoption of the western style enjoyment of wine for relaxation. This Tasmanian vineyard has responded by expanding its wholesale outlets beyond Beijing. 

Made in China Label No Longer Means Cheap

The latest observation is that the Chinese consumers are not satisfied with big brands any more – represented by the rising middle class with more disposable money than ever, the Chinese consumers have developed a taste for originality, sophistication, quality and style. New generation of the Chinese designers are gripping this opportunity. Made in China is no longer a cheap label.

Luxe Brands See Value in Weibo's Offering

Although WeChat engages the Chinese on the personal level, luxury brands see the value in Weibo to connect with their audiences.