Chinese Premier

“I’m Sure There Will Be Fans of This Great Sport in China” Expressed Chinese Premier Li

Chinese Premier Li insisted on wearing the scarves of both the Sydney Swans and Port Adelaide AFL clubs at the first round game in Sydney on Saturday 25 March at the Sydney Cricket Ground. This demonstrated the Chinese Premier’s support to the AFL game as a whole with a firm statement that Chinese will love this great Australian sport. He particularly welcomed the AFL teams who will play in the upcoming first-ever AFL game in Chinese land this May.

What Chinese Premier Li’s Visit Means to Australian Businesses?

2017 marks the 45th anniversary of China’s diplomatic ties with Australia, and the Free Trade Agreement which has been in place since 2015. Chinese Premier Li’s visit accompanied by a large group of Chinese business tycoons will surely lock in major deals between China and Australia

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang Visits Australia

From what I have been reading today, I can safely say that no news item has received more coverage in the Chinese community than the Chinese Premier’s current visit to Australia. Premier Li will land in Australia’s capital city this evening with a large group of Chinese business delegates with the aim to boost trade between China and Australia.